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In Gaijin Heroes some otakus arrive in Japan to save manga, anime and videogames. Evil ninjas have taken over the country. They have banned all kinds of leisure and have forced the Japanese to work 24 hours a day. All Japanese artist are in danger. Video Games companys are replaced by pachinko factories... Sounds like a joke, right? ^ ^´´ 

Gaijin Heroes is a beat´m up project made by a otaku to otakus. I want to tell you the story of Alex (Spain), Michael (Usa) and Khristeen (Russia) (Gaijin = forengeiner). The plot of many beat 'em up is suggested or left to the imagination of the player. However, in this game I would like to tell a funny story through dialogues and geeky situations, as if the game were a Jrpg. Our heroes do not know each other, they are not the strongest or the most "normal" in the eyes of some people, but this is their game; A tribute to those otakus who dreamed of traveling to Japan or meet their favorite mangaka.

Read here the full story of the game

This solo-dev game project and failed on kickstarted, so... Well, i put the idea here to obtain some love for the game, if  people like the idea here, i will try to make a indiegogo campaing or something similar to make the game. 

Thank you very much for your support! Doomo arigatoo gozaimasu!   どうもありがとうございます!

Install instructions

Double clik on "gaijinheroes" .exe file

Move: W,S,A,D   Attack: J,K,

Or use Xbox 360 controller


Gaijinheroes.rar 100 MB


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Very awesome indeed :)  Now I can suggest stuff for the game! Sooo ummm were the African?  I mean you have USA, Russia, mexico, But no Africa... and  since your going ninja turtle  style you can give him sais  :P.

Thank you friend! Nice words help a lot to solo-otaku-devs like me. Thank you :) The idea of African character its really interesting. I wanted to create 4 characters, but, due to low budget, i decided to put 3 and write the story. I wanted 3 characters like streets of rage or final fight. If i include one more character, i will put 2 new characters. Why? I don´t want any problems with tmnt copyright owners, 4 characters looks similar to tmnt. So, if i have the money, i will rewrite the story for 5 playmable characters. Thanks for the suggestion :)

actually that having 4 characters wouldn't really give you copyright.... Who ever told you that is wrong... NOW! if you made  4 characters with Blue purple red orange, made them eat pizza,  and saying "COWABUNGA"  then you might get Copyright.  put for having 4 characters with ninja turtles weapons... not really..... Plus from the looks of it the russian character only has one sword and the USA character only has one nun-chuck Sooo your good :) plus if you don't want the black dude have Sai's their are other ninja weapons ( Kamas,  Flighting Fan,  and the Shoge Hook with 13" Chain)

thank you! there is a lot weapons to choose... :)